Wednesday, October 21, 2009

special dedication to 4 baiduri and 4 zamrud

Esok pastinya hari yang mendebarkan bagi pelajar-pelajar

Sek Men Keb Batu Unjur..

Sekolah saya praktikal dulu…

Esok bermulanya peperiksaan akhir tahun sekolah..

Mungkin bahang peperiksaan turut dirasakan oleh pelajar-pelajar sekolah lain…

So for 4 baiduri and 4 zamrud,

I would like to wish u GOOD LUCK!!!

Do your best…

Even thought I didn’t see the question paper,

but I feel that everyone can answer it.

I’m still remember before the UP3 goes on..

Everyone ask me about the question..

As I have seen the paper,I felt that everyone can score UP3…

And I aspect one of u to get 100..

No needlah to mention his name…(nanti perasan lebih)

Unfortunately, unexpected person pun ada =)…

Whatever the question is..

Try ur best ok!

I will pray for u…

My last word:

“God doesn’t require you to be the best

He just wants you to do your best


He will take care of the rest”

here is something i have prepared to all of you....

please clik here smkbu in memory

once again

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