Thursday, July 29, 2010

a picture = thousand word


i'm still remember my lecturer pn norsyah has said that

" A picture worth a thousand word"..

in this post i would like to share with you some

picture that i have link it..

so, just click here...

from this web site, you can see how creative there are

 to spread ISLAM..subhanallah..

may Allah bless them..

another link, please click here...

some of you may have seen the picture @ image,

but at this time please spend more time to observe the image (",)...

hope we gain something from the picture...

most important thing, i can said here is ISLAM not

only in word. ISLAM can be in anything..of cause..

it depend on us, how to delivered, spread and share

this wonderful religious...insyaAllah..

last but not least..

what u can see in this picture =)

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