Tuesday, December 29, 2009

words of wisdom

"A useful way of arranging your work is to have

a notebook note in your pocket,

to arrange your time,

to remind you of your appointment

and in which you write your own notes."

"most of the time,

benefits are within what you hate

rather than what you like,

you never know the consequences.

many blessings can actually malice and vice versa."

"only you,

can colour your own life

according to how you look at it.

your life is the product of your thoughts,

so don't put on black glasses."

"happiness is not only whom you are,

whom your parents are,

or how much money you have.

happiness is through religion,



and success."

"it is important to have a book in your hand or around you

because you may waste your free time

without using it properly. the book is the best keeper of time."

these some of words, i have wrote in the bookmark given

to my student during practical...

some of them really like it because the word is match with their life.

may be it suit with you too =)

these word taken from:

706 words of wisdom to be happiest people

by Dr. 'Aid abdullah Al-Qarni

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